• exhibitor - Dr Lucy Baker

      Dr Lucy Baker research fellowUniversity of Sussex

      The evolving role of finance in South Africa’s renewable energy sector

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    • exhibitor - Dr Fei Teng

      Dr Fei Teng Research AssociateImperial College London

      "System scheduling in the future low inertia power system"

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    • Jie Huang

      Jie Huang Senior Research EngineerState Grid Electric Power Research Institute

      The analysis and control of carbon risk based on hybrid simulation method

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    • Bin Cai

      Bin Cai Research EngineerState Grid Electric Power Research Institute

      Assessment of Energy Transition Pathways Based on Hybrid Dynamic Simulation

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    • Dongliang Xie

      Dongliang Xie Senior EngineerState Grid Electric Power Research Institute

      The optimized dispatch of energy storage in a deregulated power system

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    • Hai Jiang

      Hai Jiang Deputy Director of Journal CentreState Grid Electric Power Research Institute

      MPCE and its role to promote low-carbon transition of our society

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    • Sideng Hu

      Sideng Hu Associate professor Zhejiang University

      Ultracapacitor-Battery Hybrid Energy Storage System Based on the Asymmetric Bi-Directional Z-Source Topology for EV

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    • Dr Yuanjun Guo

      Dr Yuanjun Guo Research AssistantShenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

      "Big Data Processing and Analysis Platform for Condition Monitoring of Electric Power System"

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    • Dr Xin Tu

      Dr Xin Tu Senior LecturerUniversity of Liverpool

      Plasma-catalytic conversion of greenhouse gas into value-added fuels and chemicals

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    • Dr Xiaolei Zhang

      Dr Xiaolei Zhang LecturerQueen’s University Belfast

      "Multi-scale modelling on biomass thermochemical conversion value chain"

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    • Shouliang Han

      Shouliang Han Postdoctoral Harbin Institute of Technology

      "The Cascade Machines System in Electric Vehicles"

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    • Dajun Du

      Dajun Du Associate ProfessorShanghai Uniuversity

      "Based on $H_2/H_{\infty}$ Filtering Control for Wireless Network with Multi-channel Network-induced Delays Constraints"

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    • Matthew Cotton

      Matthew Cotton LecturerUniversity of Sheffield

      "Energy justice and infrastructure development in the United Kingdom"

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    • Chenghong Gu

      Chenghong Gu LecturerUniversity of Bath

      University of Bath

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    • exhibitor - Hong Yue

      Hong Yue Senior LecturerUniversity of Strathclyde

      "Airborne Wind Energy Systems – A Modelling and Control Perspective"

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    • Shaopeng Wu

      Shaopeng Wu Associate ProfessorHarbin Institute of Technology

      "Research on air-core Pulsed Alternators"

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    • Mahdi Sharifzadeh

      Mahdi Sharifzadeh Postdoctoral Research AssociateImperial College London

      "Computer-aided Engineering: Delivering Energy and Environmental"

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    • exhibitor - Slawomir Raszewski

      Slawomir Raszewski Senior LecturerUniversity of East London

      "Natural Gas Policy in the Era of Low-Carbon Energy Transition"

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    • Shuai Deng

      Shuai Deng LecturerTianjin University

      "Dynamic Match Optimzation: Emerging control concept of sustainable distributed energy system"

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    • Muyiwa Oyinlola

      Muyiwa Oyinlola LecturerDe Montfort University

      "Performance studies of an Earth Energy Bank"

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    • Chunfei Wu

      Chunfei Wu LecturerUniversity of Hull

      "Ni-based catalyst development for hydrogen enrich syngas production from biomass gasification"

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    • Anh Phan

      Anh Phan LecturerNewcastle University

      "Integrated biorefining for energy and fuels"

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    • Gillian Menzies

      Gillian Menzies Associate ProfessorHeriot-Watt University

      "Whole Life Thinking for Sustainable Building Design"

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    • Meysam Qadrdan

      Meysam Qadrdan LecturerCardiff University

      "The Future of Gas Networks: Role of Gas Networks in a Low Carbon Energy System"

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    • Stefan Andreasson

      Stefan Andreasson Senior Lecturer Queen’s University Belfast

      "Prospects for energy transitions in sub-Saharan Africa"

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    • Professor John Barry

      Professor John Barry ProfessorQueen's University Belfast

      "Energy Transitions as political struggles: delegitimising fossil fuels and valuing carbon resources"

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    • Wendy Waring

      Wendy Waring Programme Lead-ScienceBritish Council

      Since August 2014, Wendy has been working as the Global Programme Lead for the Newton Fund, which is a £735m programme funded by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The programme operates across 16 countries and focuses on economic development and social welfare. Wendy is responsible for the successful delivery of the Newton Fund programme in the areas that the British Council is involved in. Previously Wendy worked as the Portfolio Lead in the UK for a number of key education projects and programmes working across the school and HE sector. The focus was on inter...

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    • Prof Mark Price

      Prof Mark Price Pro-Vice ChancellorQueen’s University Belfast

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    • exhibitor - Karen Moses

      Karen Moses Project Manager, Science Research ProgrammeBritish Council

      Since December 2015 Karen has worked as Project Manager for Newton Fund which is a £735m programme funded by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The programme operates across 16 countries and focuses on economic development and social welfare. Karen joined the British Council in 2000 and has worked for the most part on international student mobility programmes across the schools and higher education sector and Marketing and Communications for EU funded programmes. A former pupil of Limavady Grammar School, Karen went on to study a BA Hons in European Languages and...

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    • Prof James McElnay

      Prof James McElnay Pro-Vice-ChancellorQueen's University Belfast

      Queen's University Belfast

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    • Prof Dimitrios Nikolopoulos

      Prof Dimitrios Nikolopoulos HoSQueen's University Belfast

      "Energy-aware computing using computational significance abstractions"

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    • Xianhai Meng

      Xianhai Meng LecturerQueen's University Belfast

      Dr Xianhai Meng has 25 years of teaching, research and practical experience in construction and project management. His background is civil engineering. Before joining Queen's University Belfast, his work experience included: (1) associate professor at Tsinghua University, the most distinguished university in China; (2) tender evaluation expert in a number of major construction projects, such as the projects used for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games; (3) certified consulting engineer in China for project investment and finance; (4) project manager at Tianjin Hi-Tech Development Area, China; and (5) ...

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    • Zhijun Tan

      Zhijun Tan Post-Doctoral Research AssociateUniversity of Sheffield

      University of Sheffield

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    • Yate Ding

      Yate Ding Research FellowUniversity of Nottingham

      "Innovative Energy Saving and Climate Control System for Greenhouses"

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    • Hasan Baig

      Hasan Baig Research FellowUniversity of Exeter

      Building Integrated Concentrating Photovoltaic (BICPV) systems

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    • Xiaoyu Yan

      Xiaoyu Yan LecturerUniversity of Exeter

      I have a broad interest in Food, Energy, Water and the Environment and worked in a wide range of interdisciplinary areas, including engine testing of biofuels, long-term scenario modelling of the transport sector, and using life cycle assessment (LCA) to evaluate the sustainability of bioenergy pathways, electricity generation technologies, advanced transport technologies and water systems. I'm currently working with academic colleagues from a wide range of disciplines and various industry and public sector partners in: 1) an EU funded project to test and assess the viability of drinking water...

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    • Beatrice Smyth

      Beatrice Smyth LecturerQueen’s University Belfast

      Queen’s University Belfast

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    • Prof. Patrick C.K. LUK

      Prof. Patrick C.K. LUK ProfessorCranfield University

      "Electric Machines – An enabling technology for the second wave of electrification"

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    • Prof Shumei Cui

      Prof Shumei Cui ProfessorHarbin Institute of Technology

      Harbin Institute of Technology

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    • Dr Jun Cao

      Dr Jun Cao North China Electric Power University

      "optimal control strategies for wind hybrid storage systems as limited by grid frequency deviations"

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    • Prof Qianfan Zhang

      Prof Qianfan Zhang ProfessorHarbin Institute of Technology

      Harbin Institute of Technology

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    • Taicheng Yang

      Taicheng Yang ReaderUniversity of Sussex

      University of Sussex

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    • Prof Minrui Fei

      Prof Minrui Fei HoS, ProfessorShanghai University

      Shanghai University

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    • Cheng Peng

      Cheng Peng Shanghai University

      Shanghai University

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    • exhibitor - Timothy Lee

      Timothy Lee LecturerBirmingham City University

      Birmingham City University

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    • Pedro Rivotti

      Pedro Rivotti Research AssociateImperial College London

      "Whole-systems energy modelling and optimisation"

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    • Professor Jilai Yu

      Professor Jilai Yu ProfessorHarbin Institute of Technology

      Power System Analysis and Control; Optimal Dispatch of Power System; Green Power and Smart Grid

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    • Sunan Jiang

      Sunan Jiang Minister Counsellor Ministry of Science and Technology of China

      Ministry of Science and Technology of China

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    • Suying Wang

      Suying Wang Consul General Madam Chinese Consulate General Belfast

      Chinese Consulate General Belfast

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    • exhibitor - Vicki Marshall

      Vicki Marshall Portfolio ManagerEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

      Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

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    • Prof Tianyou Chai

      Prof Tianyou Chai AcademicianNortheast University

      Northeast University

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    • Paul Monahan

      Paul Monahan Training Officer)Queen’s University Belfast

      "Career development and international collaboration"

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    • Xiaojun Zeng

      Xiaojun Zeng Senior LecturerUniversity of Manchester

      "Demand Response Management and Smart Pricing in Smart Grids"

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    • Chen Jian

      Chen Jian Honourable Research FellowDe Montfort University

      "Chinese Carbon Emission Trading Market Development Under the Globalization"

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    • Chenghong Gu

      Chenghong Gu LecturerUniversity of Bath

      Currently, I am Lecturer and an EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow ( as PI, 2014-2017) at the University of Bath. My research lies in energy demand response modelling, its optimisation with a particular reference to multi-vector energy systems, and the integration of renewable energy into the system. Prior to the fellowship, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher on the UK-China Smart Grid project- OPEN, jointly sponsored by EPSRC and NSFC, focusing on distribution energy system modelling, operation and economic analysis. From 2011-2014, I was closely working with the UK Government on energy demand r...

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    • exhibitor - Zhi Kuang

      Zhi Kuang Harbin Institute of Technology

      Five-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive for Aircraft Application

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    • exhibitor - Yanliang Cui

      Yanliang Cui Shanghai University

      Convergence rate controllable event-triggered robust load frequency control for multi-area power systems

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    • exhibitor - Ruiye Liu

      Ruiye Liu Harbin Institute of Technology

      Harbin Institute of Technology

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    • exhibitor - Tuopu Na

      Tuopu Na Harbin Institute of Technology

      Modeling and Design of Quasi-Z-Source Inverter for PMSM Drive System

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    • Songyan Wang

      Songyan Wang LecturerHarbin Institute of Technology

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    • exhibitor - Qiwei Xu

      Qiwei Xu Chongqing University

      Comparison Analysi of Power Management used in Hybrid Electric Vehicle based on Electric Variable Transmission

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    • exhibitor - Weixing Li

      Weixing Li Harbin Institute of Technology

      An Adaptive Aggregation Impendence EVs Charging Load Model

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    • exhibitor - Xiandong Xu

      Xiandong Xu Queen's University Belfast

      Integrated Optimal Power Flow for Distribution Networks in Local and Urban Scales

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    • exhibitor - Zhile Yang

      Zhile Yang Queen's University Belfast

      Binary Teaching-Learning Based Optimization for Power System Unit Commitment

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    • Huihui Song

      Huihui Song Associate ProfessorHarbin Institute of Technology at Weihai

      "Nonlinear Distributed control for synchronization in Microgrid using Kuramoto model"

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    • exhibitor - Professor Huaicheng Yan

      Professor Huaicheng Yan ProfessorEast China University of Science and Technology

      East China University of Science and Technology

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    • exhibitor - Yang Song

      Yang Song Shanghai University

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    • exhibitor - Sheng Xu

      Sheng Xu Shanghai University

      On designing output controller for TCP/AQM system with time-varying delay

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    • exhibitor - Weihua Deng

      Weihua Deng Shanghai University of Electric Power

      Stability analysis and control of the microgrid control system with inverse Gaussian distribution delays

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    • exhibitor - Yan Wang

      Yan Wang Tianjin University

      Dynamic Match Optimzation:Emerging control concept of sustainable distributed energy system

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    • exhibitor - Haiping Ma

      Haiping Ma Zhejiang University

      Complex System Optimization for Economic Emission Load Dispatch

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    • exhibitor - Lidong Zhang

      Lidong Zhang Northeast Dianli University

      NARX models for predicting power consumption of a horizontal axis wind turbine

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    • exhibitor - Nan Xiong

      Nan Xiong Shanghai University

      Simulation of Gossip Averaging based Clock Synchronization Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

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    • exhibitor - Li Liu

      Li Liu Shanghai University

      Distributed Fusion Estimation for Uncertain Systems with Cross-correlated Noises and Transmission Delays

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    • Min Zheng

      Min Zheng Associate professorShanghai University

      "A Comprehensive Optimization for Energy Consumption and System Performance in PI Control"

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    • exhibitor - Mohammed Al-Saadi

      Mohammed Al-Saadi Cranfield University

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    • Nan Wu

      Nan Wu Senior Research FellowDe Montfort University

      De Montfort University

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    • exhibitor - Xiaofei Liu

      Xiaofei Liu Post DocHisense Research and Development Center

      Hisense Research and Development Center

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    • Prof Yusheng Xue

      Prof Yusheng Xue State Grid Electric Power Research Institute

      Professor Yusheng XUE received MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from EPRI, China in 1981 and PhD degree from the University of Liege, Belgium in 1987. He was elected an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1995. He is now the Honorary President of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute (SGEPRI or NARI), China. He holds the positions of Adjunct Professor in many universities in China and a conjoint professor of the University of Newcastle in Australia. He was also an honorary professor of the University of Queensland, Australia. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of ...

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