Airborne Wind Energy Systems – A Modelling and Control Perspective

    • Presentation speakers
      • Hong Yue, Senior Lecturer, University of Strathclyde

    Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) is a new form of tethered wind energy system that seeks to replace the heavy tower on a horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) with lightweight tethers. The main motivation behind this idea is that AWE systems can attain operating altitudes where there is a greater on-average wind resource and by consequence a greater potential power output compared with similarly sized HAWT’s. There are many forms of AWE systems ranging from kites and rigid bodies to lighter than air systems. As a result, there is not yet an agreement on an ‘optimum’ AWE design and more research is required to achieve better understanding of the efficiency, control and operation of AWE systems. In this talk the state-of-art of AWE systems development will be presented with a focus on the modelling and control aspects. Results from a recently completed RSE-NSFC project will be included to support the discussions


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