Based on $H_2/H_{\infty}$ Filtering Control for Wireless Network with Multi-channel Network-induced Delays Constraints

    • Presentation speakers
      • Dajun Du, Associate Professor, Shanghai Uniuversity

    Distributed network-induced delays of wireless networked control systems with the multi-channel may deteriorate the performance of control systems, and noise interference of system may also lead to the control quality dropping. To solve these problems, a wireless networked control strategy based on $H_2/H_{\infty}$ filtering is proposed. Firstly, a directed graph is used to describe the communication topology of the distributed sensor nodes, and different Markov chains are employed to describe the characters of network-induced delays in each wireless channel. To improve the precision of the controlled inputs, a $H_2/H_{\infty}$ filter is then designed to reduce noise interference of the output signals of the sensors, and a closed-feedback filtering and control system model is further proposed. Moreover, for the given maximum network-induced delays in each wireless channel, the stochastic stability of the closed-feedback filtering and control system is presented and a prescribed $H_2/H_{\infty}$ performance is also achieved, and the relationships between the stochastic stability criteria, the network-induced delays, the filtering parameters and the controller gain are established. Finally, simulation results confirm the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method.


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