Computer-aided Engineering: Delivering Energy and Environmental

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    The convergence of recent advances in Computer-aided Engineering and theoretical developments in design and operation of industrial processes has provided unprecedented opportunities to explore new solutions for energy security and environmental protection. This presentation discusses some recent contributions and future plans in three dimensions of (1) Biofuel production through biomass pyrolysis, (2) Carbon capture from fossil-driven power generation systems, and (3) Integration of renewable solar and wind energies into electricity grid. The focus will be on the variety of computer-aided engineering tools and methods developed within the realm of Process Systems Engineering and how they enable large-scale applications. The features of interest include Whole-system analysis, Multi-scale modelling, Process integration, and Optimization under uncertainty. We will demonstrate the application of these methodologies through three motivating examples of: (i) Integrated biorefineries featuring CO2 utilization, (ii) Carbon capture from NGCC and PCPP systems, and (iii) retrofitting the UK electricity grid for 50% penetration of wind and solar power generation by 2030.


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