Electric Machines – An enabling technology for the second wave of electrification

  • Electrification of lighting happened over 130 years ago. Today we are experiencing a second wave of electrification. This talk will look at how electric machines play a central role in this new wave of electrification that is spreading through several application areas. In renewable energy, different forms of rotating and linear machines have been designed to capture the wind, wave, hydro and tidal energy efficiently. As electrification of transport continues to pick up its pace, electric traction machines face the simultaneous demands of high power and torque density, high efficiency over a wide speed range, high reliability and low cost/kW. In addition, it is critical that the supply chain of electric machines is secure and sustainable for the automotive market. In aerospace, the challenges around noise, emission and fuel efficiency have prompted a new form of electrification – superconducting electric machines that are set to replace jet-engines within a 30 year horizon


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