Equivalent Natural Gas Network Mode for Dynamic Analysis of Gas-Electricity Systems

  • The increasing coupling between natural gas and electricity systems by gas-fired generation units brings new challenges to system analysis, such as pressure variations due to consumption perturbations of generation units. The emerging issues require revolutionary modeling and analysis techniques.

    This study proposes a novel model to quantify gas pressure variations due to gas-fired power unit ramping. By utilizing Laplace transform to resolve the governing equations of gas networks, the proposed models can significantly reduce modeling complexity and computational burden. The dynamic behaviors in time scale in s-domain and spatial partial differential equations are transformed into finite difference equations. By introducing the concept of transfer matrices, the relation between state states at each node can be expressed by transfer parameter matrices. Additionally, a simplified model is also introduced to simply the analysis. The explicit expressions of nodal pressure variations in response to demand change are very convenient for analyzing system performance under disturbances, identifying the most influential factors


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