Innovative Energy Saving and Climate Control System for Greenhouses

    • Presentation speakers
      • Yate Ding, Research Fellow, University of Nottingham

    Protected cultivation is a good way to protect crops from extreme weather conditions allowing year-round production and the application of an integrated crop production and protection management approach for better control over pests and diseases. Greenhouse crop production is now a growing reality throughout the world. The global greenhouse horticulture market is expanding substantially with a CAGR of 10.1% between 2012 and 2016, driven by the rising demand for food which will increase 100 % by 2025. This project is to provide sustainable solution to the inherent problems of the protected greenhouse cropping industry by the introduction of low-cost energy saving and climate control system employing innovative energy technologies including heat insulation solar glass, vacuum insulation panels, PV panels, LED lights, etc. The main aim of the project is to reduce the carbon emissions and the high running costs of the protected greenhouse sector by reducing the reliance on conventional fossil fuel resources. The results show that the proposed system allows improving the indoor air quality of the greenhouse and enhancing the productivity. Year-round production will allow crops to be produced within the UK avoiding the “food –mile” carbon emissions associated with importing crops from warmer climates, especially during winter.


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