Performance studies of an Earth Energy Bank

  • Production of heat accounts for a significant percentage of the overall primary energy consumption in domestic and industrial uses. Applications requiring heat contribute substantially to peaks in the electricity load curve. One method of dealing with these peaks is by using off grid thermal systems such as solar thermal collectors. However, these also present the challenge of temporal and seasonal variation of solar energy.  This variation can be addressed by using various thermal energy storage techniques. This study presents preliminary heat transfer results from the real life testing of an Underground thermal energy store – Earth Energy Bank (EEB).  This store differs from conventional underground thermal energy stores, in that it is quite shallow (less than 2m deep) and it is designed to be installed with the foundation of a building. The study showed promising performance results and revealed scope for further improvements by optimizing design and operating parameters. The study is significant in achieving low carbon homes as well as in demand side management of the grid.


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