Research on air-core Pulsed Alternators

    • Presentation speakers
      • Shaopeng Wu, Associate Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology

    Focus toward advanced mobile tactical configurations for railgun power supplies has resulted in the evolution of five compulsator generations in the past 30 years from iron-core to air-core prototype. However, the exact air-core field simulation and complicated fabrication technique of air-core compulsator are not clear enough for researchers. Research on the air-core pulsed alternators will be presented in the report. It includes the new topologies of air-core compulsators. The special design method of pulsed alternators which is different from that of the traditional electrical machine was presented in the paper. Simulation analysis results were presented for no-load and discharge process. The main problems for pulsed alternators were presented in the paper. Cooling structure for armature windings was presented. Future research direction for pulsed alternators were also presented.


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