Research on the Bio-industrial Competitiveness Model And China’s Strategic Measures

  • In order to seek a sustainable development model of resource economic and environmental friendly, the emergency and development of bio-industry has become suitable strategic emerging industry.

    The definition of Industrial Industry competitiveness is, the total sum of the comparative advantages and its general market absolute competitive advantage of the place it belongs to.  It is under the free international trade market, a country’s bio-industry can provide more industrial technical product and services with stronger productivity, to the needs of the international market consumers, and the ability to gain sustainable profit. In nature, bio-industrial international competitiveness is the comparative productivity of each country’s same industry or bio-industrial industrial corporations.

    The basic factor that determines a country (region)’s bio-industrial competitiveness is the combined result of its bio-industrial comparative advantage and competitiveness advantage, and their inter-relationship.

    The combing factor model of bio-industrial competitiveness, namely the bio-industrial competitiveness “Green Diamond” model theory, are mainly the following 6 factors: bio-industrial production factors, bio-industrial demand-and-need factors, bio-industrial corporate strategy, structure and same industrial competition, bio-industrial related and supported industry, bio-industrial development opportunity, and government influence of the bio-industrial development. Among them, the former four factors are the mail factors, the latter two are assistant factors. They are interrelated; forming collaboratively into the bio-industrial competitiveness model. This model can be further build into a synthesized quantitative assessment model, used to assess different country’s bio-industrial competitiveness.

    The bio-industrial development has shown its global competitive status: the United States, the United Kingdoms, German, France, Smithland, Japan, and China etc, have all presented their own different characterized competiveness model. The Chinese government has set up a “Strengthen the Country by Bio-industry” strategy. Twenty-two national level bio-industrial bases have been set up already.


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