The optimized dispatch of energy storage in a deregulated power system

    • Presentation speakers
      • Dongliang Xie, Senior Engineer, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute

    The value of energy storage systems can be maximized if they store energy when the usable generation capacity is sufficient and release it if the capacity becomes short. The energy market can provide clear price signals showing the shortage degree of generation capacity. A sensitivity analysis on the market price regarding to the output of storage systems can help considering the effect of storage systems on the market, which however turns the optimization problem into a nonlinear type. A novel optimization framework is created by using the latest achievement in the AI research area, and built on a series of value networks, in order to solve the dynamic decision problem. Based on the method, the adequacy of a power system consisted of energy storage and diversified types of generation is discussed, in order to demonstrate how the dispatching center reaches a win-win goal for users, storage and generation, and decrease wind or solar power curtailment loss.


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