Hai Jiang

  • Hai JIANGI received his Master degree from Post and Telecommunication of Nanjing University in 1999 and Ph.D. degree from Southeast University in 2002. He is currently the Secretary of Editorial Board of Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy (MPCE).

    My research interests include modern power systems, clean energy etc.

    The power industry is the main source of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Developing the Low-Carbon electricity technology is the fundamental way to meet the challenge of global warming for the power industry. MPCE invited Professor Chongqing Kang from Tsinghua University as a guest editor-in-chief to organize a special topic on “Low-Carbon electricity technology”. The topic not only discusses the low-carbon challenge which power industry faces, but also the feasible development mode, method, mechanism of low-carbon. Furthermore, the topic involves the policy suggestion, market design, compensation method, technical route during the process of implementation, etc. The topic is expected to explore the power system planning, low carbon operation technology and other key issues in engineering practice under the mode of Low-Carbon economy. The special project will collect the research results and experiences as many as possible from the related experts in the field of Low-Carbon electricity technology to provide theoretical methods, mechanism, policy, technical support and references.


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