Hasan Baig

  • Dr. Hasan Baig is a Research Fellow with the Clean Energy Technologies research group at the Environment & Sustainability Institute (ESI), University of Exeter. He is a leading researcher in the area of Building integrated Concentrating photovoltaics (BICPV) and manages the solar energy laboratory at the ESI.¬† He has extensive experience in design, development and manufacture of Low concentrating photovoltaic systems. Throughout his tenure at Exeter, he has played a critical role in developing and maintaining the lab’s reputation in concentrating photovoltaic research and development. ¬†During his PhD, he received an Impact Award under the sustainable futures category at the University of Exeter. He currently works with others at ESI and has collaborations with several researchers in UK, India, Middle East and Europe. He has one patent application pending and authored or co-authored over 20 refereed publications and over 10 conference proceedings.


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