Chen Jian

  • I concentrated on my sustainable development research, mainly on the behaviour change part. Since my PhD thesis is on Agricultural policy part, I also wrote a lot of paper on the policy of agricultural sustainable development.  So far I have published over 40 papers on this area.

    Since I also teach the courses of Management, Organizational Behaviour, Public Relations, Corporate Strategic Management, and Information Management System, I have interests in these areas too.

    So far, I have openly published over 40 academic papers, published 2 books of my research relevant with sustainable development, On China’s Green Industry Development – A Case of the Pearl River Delta, and Study on Bio-Industrial Competitiveness and China’s State Strategic Countermeasures. I am holding now 5 teaching books contract at hand with Tsinghua University Publishing House. They are Management, Organizational Behaviour, Public Relations, Cooperate Strategic Management, and Leadership. I set up a research centre—Green Industry Research Centre in Beijing Normal University in 2009 till now;

    Having been lecturing for over 19 years in universities in China, been to UK three times before, I am quite familiar with the education status for both UK and China. As an honourable Research Fellow to Institute of the Energy and Sustainable Development in De Montfort University, Leicester, I will stay in UK from March 2016 to March 2017. I am now carrying out my independent research with the UK counterparts every day, exchanging joint research and teaching experience.

    1. Education/Professional Credentials
    • PhD Graduated from Hua-Zhong Agricultural University in December 2008, majored in Agricultural Policy and Regulation Management
    • MA Graduated from Wuhan University, English Language and Literature
    • BA Graduated from Central China University for Nationalities, English Language and Literature
    • Associate Professor, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, China, 2009-Now
    • Academic Scholar funded by Chinese Scholarship Council 2016
    • Honourable Research Fellow, Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, De Montfort University, UK March, 2016-March, 2017
    1. Research Experience (Academic)
    • Person-in-Charge, 3 university-level research projects.
    • Director, Chinese Green Industry Development Research Centre, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai, 2009.6—Present
    • Co-Research in 6 province-level research projects.
    1. Teaching & Administrative Experience (Academic)
    • 2009-Present Person-in-Charge of the Business Administration Department of from Sept.2014-July 2015, Teaching course including: Management, Organizational Behaviour, Public Relations, Corporate Strategic Management, Information Management System in both English and Mandarins Chinese.
    • 2015-Present General Secretary, Global Guiguzi Academy/Alliance in Macau
    • 2011-Present Standing Vice-Secretary, China (Macao) Research Centre for Comprehensive Development

    Oct. 2003-Present  Person-in-Charge of the English Department of from Sept.2004-July 2008, Associate professor, senior lecturer, of Comprehensive English (Writing, Reading, Listening, and Translating) (senior lecturer) for the International Business Faculty, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai, I gave lectures to the undergraduate students for their improvement of IELTS Test level, especially in reading, writing, As a result, all the students have successfully passed their qualified test for each renowned overseas university required.



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