Meysam Qadrdan

  • His research area covers expansion and operational planning of interdependent energy networks (including electricity, gas, heat and hydrogen) at different scales from community to national and international level. He also look at interactions between energy systems and other sectors such as transport and water.

    He develop optimisation and simulation modelling tools to address real world questions and inform policy in the area of energy systems and its interaction with water resources.


    PhD, Cardiff University, UK (01/2009 – 02/2012)

    Thesis title: Modelling of an integrated gas and electricity network with significant wind generation capacity

    MSc in Energy Systems Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Iran (09/2005 – 01/2008)

    Dissertation title: Optimal infrastructure planning for hydrogen supply

    BSc in Physics, Ferdowsi University, Iran (09/2001 – 09/2005)


    Work Experience

    Lecturer in Energy Networks and Systems, Cardiff University, UK (01/2015 – present)

    Research Associate, Imperial College London, UK (02/2014 – 01/2015)

    Research Associate, Institute of Energy, Cardiff University, UK (02/2012 – 02/2014)

    Energy Consultant, Daneshpajouhan Consultancy, Iran  (2008 – 2009)


    Selected Publications

    1. M. Qadrdan, M. Chaudry, N. Jenkins, P. Baruah, N. Eyre, Impact of transition to a low carbon power system on the GB gas network, Applied Energy , 151 (2015) 1-12.
    2. M. Qadrdan, M. Abeysekera, M. Chaudry, J. Wu and N. Jenkins, Role of Power-to-Gas in an integrated gas and electricity system in Great Britain, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy , 40 (17) (2015) 5763-5775.
    3. E. Byers, M. Qadrdan, A. Leathard, D. Alderson, J. Hall, J. Amezaga, C. Kilsby and M. Chaudry, Cooling water availability for GB’s low carbon future, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Energy , 168 (3) (2015) 188-204.
    4. P. Baruah, N. Eyre, M. Qadrdan, M. Chaudry, S. Blainey, J. Hall, N. Jenkins and T. Telford, Energy system impacts from heat and transport electrification, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Energy , 167 (3) (2014) 139-151.
    5. O. Olanrewaju, M. Chaudry, M. Qadrdan, J. Wu and N. Jenkins, Vulnerability assessment of the European natural gas supply, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Energy , 168 (1) (2015) 5-15.
    6. M. Qadrdan, J. Wu, N. Jenkins and J. Ekanayake, Operating strategies for a GB integrated gas and electricity network considering the uncertainty in wind power forecast, IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy , 5 (1) (2014) 128-138.

    7. M. Chaudry, N. Jenkins, M. Qadrdan and J. Wu, Combined gas and electricity network expansion planning, Applied Energy , 113 (2014) 1171-1187.


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