Nan Wu

  • Dr. NAN WU, Senior Research Fellow, Associate Professor, Post-Graduate Supervisor. Leicester castle business school, faculty of business and law,  De Montfort University (UK);faculty of economic and management,  Hubei University of Technology(China); President/Chairman, Global Guiguzi Academy/Alliance in Macau; Research Fields: Business Management and Bio-technology, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, Chinese method Management, Cultural & Leisure Industry Management, World Economics.

    12-year experienced teacher in universities, and 16-year experienced official of Government, in China. Instructed 10 Master and MBA students, co-instructed 2 PhD students, 62 Undergraduates. two academic works ,Four Textbooks editing.

    So far, participated in 2 National level research projects, Person-in-Charge for 3 Provincial social science and soft-science projects.(all have been importantly noted by the head of the Provincial government and prompt implementation, among them one project received provincial top excellent reward). Senior visiting scholarship in 2009(Lambton college,University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto, Canada);Chinese National Education sponsored senior visiting scholarship in 2013-2014(Management Faculty,Sun Yat-Sen University,China), Chinese National foundation sponsored senior visiting scholarship in 2016-2018(De Montfort University ,UK);Person-in-Charge for 4 provincial education projects, Municipal project 3 items (among them one item received one excellent reward), 3 excellent rewards received in the international academic conference.


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