Shuai Deng

  • Dr. Shuai Deng, is an lecturer at the School of Mechanical engineering of Tianjin University since 2014. His research interests are thermodynamics and refrigeration. He concentrates on applying these fundamental investigations to the conversion of renewable energies, e.g., solar, geothermal, wind, into available energy supply in CO2 capture and utilization, ORC, distributed energy system, and net zero energy building (NZEB). In recent years, a special focus lays on energy-efficiency analysis, design and evaluation of solar-driven CO2 capture process based on thermochemical processes for further emission control in distributed energy system.
    Dr. Deng graduated from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China in 2013 developing novel hybrid CO2 heat pump integrated with Libr absorption chiller and driven by solar energy, and its application in NZEB. As a visiting scholar at the Herrick Laboratory of Purdue University, he focused on the system modelling of cold climate heat pump.
    Dr. Deng is the author of 30+ publications in international journals, 10 publications in top-level conference proceedings, and 2 patents. He is active in international scholar community as the recognized reviewer of 8 international scholar journals in energy field and outstanding reviewer of 2015 award by Solar Energy (IF=3.469). He is junior member of IR/IIF, associate member of ASHRAE and WSSET member. He is awarded as “Shen-zhikang” faculty fellowship and “Beiyang” young teacher fellowship by Tianjin University in 2016.


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