Xiaoyu Yan

  • I have a broad interest in Food, Energy, Water and the Environment and worked in a wide range of interdisciplinary areas, including engine testing of biofuels, long-term scenario modelling of the transport sector, and using life cycle assessment (LCA) to evaluate the sustainability of bioenergy pathways, electricity generation technologies, advanced transport technologies and water systems. I’m currently working with academic colleagues from a wide range of disciplines and various industry and public sector partners in: 1) an EU funded project to test and assess the viability of drinking water provision from harvested rain water; 2) a GW4 Alliance funded pump-priming project to develop a novel microalgae-based system to treat acid mine drainage while producing valuable metals, chemicals and biofuels; 3) an Exeter University-PML (Plymouth Marine Laboratory) Collaboration Fund supported pump-priming project to explore methodologies for modelling and evaluating the impacts of bioenergy on ecosystem services and 4) an collaboration with agronomists and plant scientists in Australia to assess the viability of sustainable production of bioenergy from agaves in arid areas and 5) a recent £1.4M EPSRC-funded 8-institution interdisciplinary project WEFWEBs on mapping the Water-Energy-Food nexus at multiple scales and across sectors.


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