Yate Ding

  • Dr Yate Ding is a Research fellow within the Architecture, Energy and Environment Research group, University of Nottingham. Dr. Ding’s research interests focus on high capacity heat energy storage for building applications. Dr. Ding’s research project started in December 2014 and is focused on Innovative Energy Saving and Climate Control System for Greenhouses (IESCCSG). This is a TSB funded project being carried out in conjunction with industrial partners in the UK, and involves the development of a low-cost, energy saving, climate control system. The energy efficient system will integrate various technologies, including effective heat insulation solar glass, vacuum insulation panels, windcatchers and LED lights in addition to an underground soil-based seasonal thermal energy storage system. Dr. Ding’s current research interest is on Thermochemical Energy Storage, and he’s currently working in collaboration with industrial partners in the UK on EPSRC funded project: Solar Powered Thermochemical Energy Storage. The project provides an opportunity for UK industries to pioneer the development of a new advanced energy storage technology. It will deliver a sustainable, environmental and cost-effective solution to significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2/GHG emissions. The project will contribute to UK excellence in terms of addressing fuel poverty and improving the quality of life for its citizens.


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