Zhijun Tan

  • Experience

    Post-Doctoral Research Assistant of Prof. John Provis, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, The University of Sheffield, the UK, December, 2014 — Now. Performing research on early age properties of alkali-activated concrete.

    Ph.D., Structural Engineering, Ghent University, Belgium, 2015. Dissertation: Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of Hydration and microstructure Development of Ternary Cement-Based Materials, supervised by Prof. Geert De Schutter & Prof. Guang Ye.

    Recent Publications

    “Experimental investigation of hydration of ternary blended cement paste”, 14th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement, Beijing, 2015.

    The influence of water content and activator dose on the early reaction of alkali-activated slag/fly ash cements. 35th Cement & Concrete Science Conference (CCSC35). Scotland (UK), 2015.

    “Influence of particle size on the early hydration of slag particle activated by Ca(OH)2 solution”,

    Construction and Building Materials, 2014.

    “The ITZ Microstructure, Thickness and Porosity in Blended Cementitious Composite: Effects of Curing age, Water to Binder Ratio and Aggregate Content” (Co-authorship). Composites Part B: Engineering, 2014.

    “A microscopic study on ternary blended cement based composites” (Co-authorship). Construction and Building Materials, 2013.


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