UK China Workshop 2016

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    28-31 August 2016, Great Hall, Lanyon Building, Queen’s University Belfast


    This 3-day early Career researcher workshop is featured with keynote speeches, industrial exhibitions and knowledge transfer training, technical presentations and posters, panel discussions, break-out brain-storming, academic visits, formation of consortium and specific task groups, and networking events and social visits

    Registration is free.


    1. provide unique and exciting opportunities for them to work together to generate innovative ideas which will eventually generate impacts and benefit the society, in particular poor populations which still suffer from fuel poverty and poor access to bulk power. This is to be achieved via knowledge sharing, brain-storming, knowledge transfer trainings and social network events;
    2. contribute significantly to the capacity building of early career researchers through mentoring scheme and training, and encourage high-impact joint publications;
    3. helps foster long-term collaborations of early career young researchers through joint application of research grants and formation of a research consortium. Ultimately, it will help achieve the strategic plan of developing all around UK-China collaborations in science and technology in delivering impact, shaping capability and training future leaders.

    Call for participants can be found here.

    Application Form

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